Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I went to Transperformance last night and had a lovely time. The theme - animals and insects - managed to produce a really great lineup of acts. And everyone did extremely well. I took a few photos (until it got dark, and my camera pooped out).

Lo Fine were T Rex. One of the best things about Transperformance is watching all of the little kids dancing near the stage, and this girl was totally grooving on the T Rex.

The Fawns were Sheryl Crow. Here she is now! (It's a little blurry, I know it.)

Here's Spanish for Hitchhiking being Echo and the Bunnymen. I was surprised to know two of the three songs they did.

And hey hey it's the Monkees! Being played by School for the Dead! Reportedly, a 7-year-old audience member was convinced they were the actual Monkees, or at least "the guy with the curly hair, DEFINITELY" was one of the actual Monkees. And there was a big guy in a tour shirt checking out the action.

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