Monday, August 23, 2004

So, hello. Man am I tired. I got into my usual weekend sleep scheme where I nap in order to stay up really late, and then come Sunday night I can't go to bed before 1 a.m. And then I'm all a wreck for Monday morning.

I had a fun weekend though. First there was a great show by The Fawns on Friday night, where I also whupped a little ass playing pool (only because I was playing someone who was, incredibly, slightly worse at pool than me). After the show I got to watch a crazy thunderstorm from a second-story porch. On Saturday I lazed about until it was time for dinner at Osaka, at one of their hibachi tables. I've done these before, a few times, but it's been a while. As soon as the chef came to the table I started giggling. He was funny, funnier than other places I've gone where the emphasis was on wowing you with skill instead of being goofy. Our chef did this thing where he'd shake a can full of sesame seeds or salt over the food, all the while thwacking the edge of the metal table with a metal fork, as though the shaker was making the noise. I laughed every single time. The food was great. In the other places I've gone, they give you noodles, but here it was fried rice. It was very tasty and the texture was perfect, but it's damn hard to eat rice with chopsticks (forks were only given when requested). I got the shrimp and scallops, and all was delicious. Our party of seven had to share our table with one other couple who seemed a little bit grim during most of their meal. I later heard that they had been having conversations about child molestation or rape or something equally depressing and not-hibachi-table-like.

After the food, L and H hosted another lovely shindig at their place, which ended up in a rousing game of Taboo. I laughed till I cried, several times. I think my team tied for third (out of five teams...); as I sobered up I could tell I was getting way better at it.

And Sunday I went (courtesy of H and L, who drove/provided the car) to the new shangri-la of home furnishings, Ikea in New Haven, and after that I went to Target and failed to find the thing I wanted, and then to Trader Joe's where I bought so much that my freezer is now officially full. And after that I finally did my dishes and vacuumed my apartment, and then I worked on a couple of artsy projects while watching Insomniac in Tokyo and a bunch of Adult Swim. And now here I am at work after not enough sleep. ZZzzzzzzzz.....

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