Wednesday, August 11, 2004

My brain is very brave, but my body is a total coward. Whenever something exciting is about to happen, some big change that I've been anticipating., my body decides that it needs to go into "fight or flight" mode and never ever leave it. Thus, I don't sleep enough, I don't eat enough... which ends up making me even more clumsy and wan than I already am. It's like my primal brain can't let my cultured brain do what needs to be done. It takes effort to wrestle it into submission.

cultured brain: Look, something new is happening! It looks like it could be totally awesomely rad!
primitive brain: Something new, you say? "New" means carnivorous predators, falling rocks, or drowning. RUN AWAY!
cultured brain: But do you see that this new thing is not dangerous in any way? I'll even sit down and reason this out with you. ... See? No possible way anything scary will happen.
primitive brain: Yes, BUT WHAT IF IT DOES? Look at you, all ready to roll over and bare your tender underbelly! You shameless fool. Someone's got to be looking out for our survival!
cultured brain: *sigh.*

Seriously, people, it's a wonder I ever get to leave the house at all.

(p.s. This page has the best web poll I have ever seen.)


av said...

Well? What is your favorite lobe?

debl said...

I went with Parietal, which turns out to be the underdog of the poll. Come on people, Frontal Lobe gets all the press! Be a little original. Parietal rocks, because it deals with sexy things like pressure and temperature and touch.