Monday, August 16, 2004

Things are happening in my life that I can't blog about. They are both bad things and good things. There are about three hugely bad things and one or two good things, so the balance is way off. Overall I've been wanting to flee, but to where? I've got to stick it out for now, so I Don't Let The Bastards Win. (Whoever they are; I've never met them.) What sometimes helps is to throw myself into some projects at home (and out) so I can feel more whole and less lost. I need a purpose in life beyond gathering a paycheck every week and watching the occasional TV show or drinking the occasional drink out with a friend. So it's time to turn back to making art in a more serious vein. At the very least, it will make me remember that I have mad skillz. At the most, I'll get a show together and a website and start publicizing myself. This will take time and energy, but September always acts as a catalyst for action - it's the school year permanently hardwired into my brain.

Getting more regular amounts of sleep wouldn't hurt. And if the fucking weather ever clears up, things will probably seem a bit less dismal.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a Gocco for our birthday, to help with the new art creation. LoobyLu blogged about getting one:

The homepage (which claims that 1 in 3 Japanese households has a Gocco) is

I would want one for our birthday myself, except that I'm currently operating under a "no new art supplies unless I'm going to use them for a specific project within the next week" rule.
- Sway.

Anonymous said...

On a semi-unrelated note, I was in the Dis. store this weekend and they had a Mickey for President shirt that had me laughing for all the wrong reasons.

The slogan? "Get the mouse in the house!"

That is just high unintentional comedy. Had nobody on that "creative team" seen the corresponding "Friends" episode? Or did a bunch of execs think a double entredre about concealing your Johnson was a valuable service to the community? I have to know!